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No Corporate PACS.

Just People.

My name is Zach Raknerud, I am a lifelong North Dakotan who cares deeply about this state and my country. I am running for Congress because we are witness to a government on the verge of oligarchy. We need to shift focus from campaign contributors and special interests to the working people of this country, who are getting left behind.


Tens of millions of Americans lack health insurance, tens of millions more are under-insured. Young people are leaving our state universities with an average of more than $30,000 in student loan debt, despite families often chipping in thousands of dollars to help. Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling as we spend trillions on wars abroad. We have the most people in jail of any nation on earth, spending tens of billions annually to fight the War on Drugs. Many of American’s basic needs, including housing and childcare, are becoming increasingly unaffordable. 


We need a Congress that puts working families and their priorities first and foremost. I intend to bring that representation to the people of North Dakota. This campaign is powered by small dollar donations only. Their needs will be my one and only focus at a time when members of Congress spend most of their time raising money for their re-election campaigns from the wealthy and well connected.




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