I am a 26 year old, lifelong North Dakotan.

I spent my early childhood in Grand Forks and at eight years old, our family moved to the rural community of Northwood. After graduating high school in 2012, I attended the University of North Dakota and graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in communication. I worked in retail full-time during college and have been promoted within that company to my current management position in Minot.


In 2015, the primary campaigns of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders made me realize just how strongly the economy is not working for many working-class Americans. Since that realization, I have dedicated significant time to try and best understand where exactly our politics became broken. Today, the political power of the average American is miniscule. To fix the problem, we need young and working class Americans everywhere to run for public office.

My policy priorities have also been shaped by my experiences in life.

My mother has battled cancer twice, and so very thankfully, beaten it both times. My father is an employee of the federal government, so my family was blessed to have some of the best health insurance available. Despite that, cancer treatments still put a significant financial strain on our family. Loans against retirement savings occurred to get through.


Amazing members of our community also stepped up. They held free-will offering benefits, came in groups to help keep up the house, and brought us Cool Stuff Drive-In pizza on the weekends. A local small business even caught wind that the family had been saving for an indoor fireplace before the diagnoses and had one installed free of charge. I am beyond thankful that those externalities were present. However, it could have been a lot different for my mom.

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I was the child of my mom’s single parent household for the first year of my life. That is when she met my dad. They got married, and I was formally adopted. His example as my father has led me to greatly appreciate the value of family. When I think back on what my mom’s life could have held had she not met my father, it gives me pause.


Had she still been a single mother and working two part time jobs, not qualifying for employer-sponsored care, maybe she like millions of other Americans would have put off preventative care for mild symptoms. Suddenly, stage two cancer becomes stage four. It breaks my heart to know that situations like that are playing out across our state and nation today.​

I am in this race because I care about the realities so many hard-working Americans face today. Our government and economy are not operating in a way that gives value to human dignity. No matter the odds, I believe we are in an unprecedented time and need to have the courage to bring a different perspective to Washington D.C.

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