Paid Family Leave - Pre-K - Affordable Childcare

Science is clear that the most vital moments in human develop occur at the very beginning of life. It is important that, as a nation, we invest in the well being of our infants and their families. Such investments will pay themselves back and more. The United States is the only one amongst our peer nations that doesn’t have some form of paid family leave to ensure families and their babies get to spend the quality time they need together to provide new Americans with a great start in life.

This investment will also ensure new parents are able to make the proper adjustments to parenting without undue financial stress. Such policy would nourish familial and social relationships for our children and families. Expanding Social Security gives us a path to make this a reality.

It is also time that we make investments in our young children and help working families with the soaring costs of childcare. Pre-K programs should be universal and no-cost for all American families. Additionally, there should be more public options for families to access affordable childcare.

We can create good paying jobs for Americans passionate about nurturing young children and equipping them with the intellectual and social tools they need to have the best chance to thrive in this country. Such policy would lift a significant financial burden from many working families and help strengthen them.

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